aucho Burger Company. Imagine a unique but simple Latino burger joint with a diverse Latino fusion menu and a whole lot of Latino flare. Couple this with the Italian influence that has aided in shaping the Argentinian food culture, we are talking a completely reinvented burger experience with new side dishes, a simple salad selection, tropical fruit shakes, infused hand-squeezed lemonades, secret Argentinian recipes and hand crafted original sandwiches. Even more exciting: this will be the very first restaurant of its kind in the New York area! Gaucho Burger will undoubtedly introduce a whole new way “to burger.”

With the rise in sourcing healthier choices, it should be known that Gaucho Burger will only use the best, fresh, all-natural ingredients, including 100% grass fed Argentinian beef. I have spent the past two years creating these finger food fusions. They are tried, proven, and absolutely decadent.

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Gaucho Burger

Gaucho Chicken Sandwich

Pulled Pork Sandwich

*All with our Famous Chimichurri

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