he restaurant industry was forever changed when I introduced the very first Argentinian food locale in Westchester County. Perhaps you dined there, read about it in The New York Times or Westchester Magazine or maybe just heard about it, as Tango Grill was the buzz around town. Gaucho Grill, Milonga, Piatto Grill, and Talegio Restaurant soon followed and all featured the same exact mouth watering menu.

I created the very first Argentinian fusion concept in Westchester, New York. Not only did I have the pleasure of competing with the best restaurants in the area, but was also awarded press and word of mouth recognition. My simple but absolutely sophisticated locales and concepts resulted in recognition from major media and publishing companies including: The NY Times (4 Stars), Westchester Magazine, Journal News, Scarsdale Inquirer, Bedford News, The New York Post, CBS Television Broadcasting, Greenwich Times, Spotlight Magazine, and many independent food critics.

After much success, I took some time away from the industry. Enlightened once again, I am insatiably moving forward on another promised successful food venture: Gaucho Burger Company. Imagine a unique but simple Latino burger joint with a diverse Latino fusion menu and a whole lot of Latino flare. Couple this with the Italian influence that has aided in shaping the Argentinian food culture, we are talking a completely reinvented burger experience with new side dishes, a simple salad selection, tropical fruit shakes, infused hand-squeezed lemonades, secret Argentinian recipes and hand crafted original sandwiches. Even more exciting: this will be the very first restaurant of its kind in the New York area! Gaucho Burger will undoubtedly introduce a whole new way “to burger.”